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A Great Bluff

I wasn’t involved in the hand I’m about to write about, but it stuck out in my mind. Let’s see if you can pick up on why this bluff was made. It took place during Read more…


SPATS is Effective!

Some people love The Perfect Range, and some people do not love The Perfect Range. Fortunately, more people love it than not. What’s most interesting, however, is that the people who love it are the Read more…


Exercise And Poker

Whether you’re a fan of my books or a reader of my blog posts, there is something you probably don’t know about me. I’m a fitness freak. There is a point to me telling you Read more…


Do Not Play Underground Poker

So you want to play underground poker? Maybe it’s because you can’t find any poker games near you and you want to see some cards. Perhaps you’re bored. Another possibility is that you want to Read more…


What’s Your Opinion?

I’m looking for opinions on Cove Valley, but this isn’t a poker book. Short Plot Summary For Kerry, it’s a wild and crazy ride through a ghetto that he can’t escape. There is something sinister Read more…


Poker Golf

Poker Golf is something that hit me out of nowhere one day. I was thinking about how golfers are always attempting to make the least amount of errors. That’s how they keep themselves in the Read more…


WSOP Cherokee August

The World Series of Poker Circuit will be at Harrah’s Cherokee from August 2nd to August 14th. That’s a long stretch, which is both good and bad. The Good News The good new is that Read more…

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