I’m posting this here prior to posting it on Facebook or anywhere else. The title of the sequel for The Dark Side of the Felt will be: A Darker Side of the Felt.

First Draft

I’m currently writing the first draft, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. However, this doesn’t guarantee you will enjoy it. It’s impossible to determine what readers will and won’t like. I have written books that I thought would be huge successes only for readers to hate them. I have also written books that I didn’t think were good and readers loved them. It doesn’t always work like that, but it happens more often than you might think.

The Plot

Did you really think I was going to tell you the plot of A Darker Side of the Felt? Come on now. I can only give you small hints. The first hint is that Tyler is dragged back into the underground poker world. As you might have guessed, this isn’t a good thing for him. A second hint is that this book will take place in Charlotte and Las Vegas.

Ooh … Las Vegas. That increased your interest, didn’t it? That’s because you’re a poker player. Hopefully, you’re a strategic poker player who treats the game like a business. Even if that’s not the case and you’re a degenerate gambler, you’re still welcome to read A Darker Side of the Felt. Actually, if you’re a degenerate gambler, then you’re likely to enjoy the book even more.

Publication Date

I don’t know the publication date yet for A Darker Side of the Felt. If I set a date, it’s surely to be incorrect, and I don’t want to lead you in the wrong direction. I do have a tendency to work fast, but I have recently been overwhelmed with advertising campaigns, editing, networking, formatting, and a lot more. It has been out of control. If you want a safe bet, then I would say it will be published by September 1, 2017, but that’s not a promise.


You didn’t learn much about A Darker Side of the Felt here, but you did learn that it will involve underground poker, that it will take place in Charlotte and Las Vegas, and that it should be published by September 1, 2017. I’ll throw one more hint in there, but it’s pretty obvious if you read the original: There will be seedy characters.

Tyler Nals

If you love poker, then you're in the right place. My poker strategy books are written for the beginner-intermediate player, and many readers have told me that these strategies have helped them turn a profit. My books are easy to understand and written from a macro perspective on how to win as a poker player. You will also find an entertainment angle. Regardless of what level poker player you are, you might enjoy A Fishy Poker Tournament, The Dark Side of the Felt, and The Poker Office. These are poker adventure books, not poker strategy books.

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