The Comfort Inn in Sylva is a good option if you’re playing in any of the WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee events. The bad news is that you will be 15 minutes from Harrah’s Cherokee, but the good news outweighs the bad news.

Cherokee Hotels & A Well-Kept Secret

At least 90% of the poker players playing in those events will be staying in Cherokee. This means a lot of crowds and noise. Unless you’re staying at Harrah’s, your odds of getting a peaceful sleep aren’t very high. And in order to stay at Harrah’s during the WSOP, you will be paying at least $400 per night. We all know you’re not going to do that! The only way to land a free room there is to be a Seven Star, which means you play a lot against the house. And if you play a lot against the house, then you’re a guaranteed loser. Sorry if that’s harsh, but it’s fact.

There is a little secret to Harrah’s Cherokee that most people don’t know. If you go to the hotel front desk at 4 a.m., they will likely give you a room until around 11 a.m. They do this because they have to wait to 4 a.m. for late arrivals. When those late arrivals don’t show, they can give the rooms away. This is a good way to catch some sleep after a long night of poker.

5 Comfort Inn Sylva Advantages

There are several advantages to staying at the Comfort Inn in Sylva for the WSOP.

One, since it’s 15 minutes away from the WSOP, it’s quiet.

Two, the scenery is pretty good. I say pretty good instead of great for a reason. It’s pretty good because you can sit outside in a rocking chair with a beer and watch the clouds pass “through” the tall peak across the street. But if you look lower, you will find a Walmart, which isn’t quite as scenic.

Three, you’re close to a Walmart (if you need anything).

Four, there’s a fitness center, which can really help give you an energy boost and get your day started on a positive note. That natural high really does help.

Five, it’s a clean and comfortable property.

3 Comfort Inn Disadvantages 

The biggest disadvantage to staying at this property is if your room is close to people who wake up early. This has nothing to do with the walls (thick), but the doors. These doors make a VERY loud noise when people let them shut behind them, and most people aren’t considerate enough to hold the door as they close it. In other words, prepare to be woken up early.

Two, the guy who cooks the breakfast is friendly, but he will not cook your eggs dry. I know this because I asked him. I said, “Is there any way you can cook some eggs on the dry side?” He replied, “No.”

Three, if you use the business center between 5 p.m. and midnight, you will notice that there’s a bathroom right behind you. As a writer, I sat there to catch up on some stuff one night. I never realized how many people go to the bathroom at this time. And I’m talking about the serious kind of bathroom here. If people were hanging out in the lobby or outside, there was a very good chance they used the bathroom during that range of time. That said, at least 75% were male. Fortunately, I didn’t have to smell it, but you might have a better sense of smell than me. I feel for you.


When you put this all together, the Comfort Inn Sylva is definitely worth staying at. Think of it this way. The odds of you wanting dry scrambled eggs and using the business center are slim. Therefore, all you have to worry about is the door slams, but that can get you on tilt really fast. It’s not the best place to stay, but it should be considered, primarily because it’s peaceful, quiet, and away from all the action. This should allow you to calm your mind prior to playing in any poker tournaments.



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