The following poker strategy should not be applied often. That would be dangerous. It must be the ideal situation. A lot will depend on the style of play of the other players in the game.

Out of Nowhere

You’re in the Cutoff and Under-the-Gun (UTG) raised, which has led to four calls. Now let’s assume you’re holding 54-off. You usually want to fold 54-off pre-flop. This hand will not make you money over the long haul. But this situation might present an opportunity.

The most obvious factor is that you will likely be getting pot odds, but this depends on the action of the players behind you. If they’re passive players, then you should be good to go. If they’re aggressive, then you should fold because you will have to fold to a re-raise and will have wasted chips.

Let’s pretend the players behind you are passive. This allows you to call without too much worry. Even if they do raise, you can consider calling if you know they’re passive because they will be giving away the strength of their hand with a 3-bet: AA, KK, QQ, and maybe AK or AQ-suited.

There is another key factor here. If UTG raised and there were several callers, then it’s very likely that the majority of those callers are holding big cards: Broadway cards. They could be all kinds of combinations. They might also hold a pocket pair, but the most likely scenario is that most of them are holding Broadway cards. If that’s the case, then they’re holding each other’s outs, which means there are fewer Broadway cards left in the deck. And if that’s the case, then there are more low cards in the deck, which are ready to hit the flop.

A third factor is that if you hit the flop with 54-off, there is no way in the universe that your opponents will see it coming, especially with that pre-flop action. Most of them won’t look at it like you did. They won’t see the reasoning for your play, which means it will be in disguise. This, in turn, will give you an opportunity you to scoop a big pot. Not only that, you will put your opponents on tilt – always a fun pastime. That tilt can pay dividends in upcoming hands, and it probably will.


Just by playing low cards in the right situation, you increased your odds of winning a big pot by looking at often overlooked factors while also giving yourself an opportunity to get your opponents on tilt, which can present longer-term rewards.

Tyler Nals

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