Well … maybe not everything, but it’s definitely a starting point. If you go in feeling down because of something that happened in your life, or because you’re not running good and don’t know how to turn it around, then you’re going to play too fast and limit your odds of success. If you want to reduce variance, then you need to play tight-aggressive (TAG) and only get your chips in the middle when you have the winner or sense weakness. Stay away from marginal spots. When you have the right attitude, this is much easier to do. When you have the wrong attitude, you’re going to call more in those marginal spots, which can easily lead to disaster. One mistake is too many in this game.

Off the Felt Attitude

You need a positive off the felt as well. For example, be careful who you associate with. If you’re hanging around with people (in real life or on social media) that like to hate, are always negative, dislike the game of poker, or have been running bad and are thinking of leaving the game, then you’re going to find yourself doubting your reasons for playing. You might be saying this isn’t true because you understand variance and have the ability to roll with it. That may be true, but do you really think this negativity won’t impact you whatsoever when you’re playing poker? Unless your mind is made of steel, this negativity will find a way to creep into your mind.

Think of it this way. Many people thought Steve Jobs was crazy when he thought up the iPod, which was prior to the iPad, iPhone, etc. But Steve Jobs wouldn’t deal with negative people. He would remove them from his life or fire them. Hardcore? Perhaps, but it limited distractions and got the job done. There are many more examples such as this one in the business world, especially with creative minds.

Staying Positive

When you surround yourself with positive people (i.e. winners), your odds of winning soar. You will feel like you’re part of a winning team, and you will hold yourself to higher standards. Your job goes from hoping to win vs. good players to expecting to win vs. bad players. You are the good player!

People with positive attitudes will also lift you up when you’re down. This doesn’t pertain to the misery-loves-company folks, but the people who actually figure out solutions to problems and understand the tactics necessary to grow revenue within the poker industry. This can refer to poker itself, staking opportunities, networking, poker-related revenue streams, and more. That is the team you want to be on.

Tough Changes

If you want to go from a loser to a winner in the poker world, then you have to make some difficult decisions. First and foremost, begin to distance yourself from negative friends that don’t truly love the game. Secondly, unfriend and unfollow all the poker players that have negative attitudes on social media. At first, you will find this difficult. Within a week or two, you will be happy with your decision. It’s like lifting bricks off your shoulders. You will feel lighter and happier, which is going to clear your mind. When you have a clear mind, you play better poker.

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Tyler Nals

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