I had no intention of writing this post, and I will not market this post directly on social media. I’m writing this due to a recent negative review on The Perfect Range. I understand that it’s impossible to please everyone all the time. However, for someone to leave a 1-Star on that book is somewhat frustrating considering how many positive replies I have received, many of which have come privately on Facebook with readers telling me how much they won after implementing SPATS. I also leave a note at the end of the book stating that SPATS is intended for low limit games. Therefore, I have no idea why this reader thought it was intended for professionals. Perhaps it’s a reading comprehension issue.

Bagels & Bathrooms 

Since this reviewer mentioned that he didn’t like me writing about bagels and bathrooms, I can only assume my off-the-felt misadventures has something to do with his rating. My gut tells me he was looking for a 100% strategy book, but that’s boring to me and doesn’t give me differentiation. I write to entertain as much as write to teach. That said, that’s not my primary message for this post.

Playing the Nice Guy

I always play the nice guy on Facebook. I need to do that because I have a brand to protect. And I’d like to think that I’m actually a nice guy. As a nice guy, I also downplay my ability at the poker table. There are certainly times when I talk too much and play too fast, but those times are rare. When I play at my home court, the regulars do not like to play against me (if they know me). If someone at the WSOP Harrah’s Cherokee Circuit stop has played with me before, they know I’m not going to be an easy out. In fact, while I haven’t had a final table at WSOP Cherokee in a while, my percentage of cashes is likely higher than the majority of the field. Note: I play under a different name.

Overconfident & Underqualified 

Here’s my point. That 1-Star reviewer is likely overconfident and underqualified at the poker table. If I say, “Don’t listen to negative reviewers,” I sound defensive, so I can’t say that. What I can say is the following,: “Haters are usually the weakest players you will find.”

Thank You

Thanks for reading my little vent. 🙂 And if you’re a low limit player, The Perfect Range will absolutely make you a stronger player. There is one simple reason for that, but I can’t name it here.

Tyler Nals

If you love poker, then you're in the right place. My poker strategy books are written for the beginner-intermediate player, and many readers have told me that these strategies have helped them turn a profit. My books are easy to understand and written from a macro perspective on how to win as a poker player. You will also find an entertainment angle. Regardless of what level poker player you are, you might enjoy A Fishy Poker Tournament, The Dark Side of the Felt, and The Poker Office. These are poker adventure books, not poker strategy books.

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