I know what you’re thinking: Who would ask such a crazy question? Allow me to explain.

Of course, most people want the big stacks to their right. This way they can see the raises coming and act accordingly. However, what usually happens when the big stack is controlling the table and steamrolling everyone? Eventually, you get irritated and call “Just to see a flop.” Then you miss the flop, the chip leader bets, and you fold. Or perhaps you get sucked-out. It’s possible you win the hand, but that chip leader is in the zone and knows exactly when you’re weak and strong. Therefore, he’s making all the right decisions, not allowing you to take his chips.

Now look at it from the other perspective. I’m mentioning this here because I have realized that time and time again, my results are better when the chip leader at the table is TO MY LEFT! Why? Because I know that if I “Just call to see a flop,” I could be raised and will have wasted those chips without having any chance whatsoever of winning. In simplest terms, I play smarter and more controlled. I don’t have the option of “Just seeing a flop.” I mean, I do kind of have that option, but it would be really stupid.

Don’t scoff at this notion until you find yourself in these situations and record your results. I’m pretty confident that you will find you will actually have a better return when the chip leader is to your left opposed to your right. This simply comes to you being in a position where you must be more disciplined, and being more disciplined almost always leads to more coin in your pocket. In the game of poker (and life), it’s always better to have more coin in your pocket.

Tyler Nals

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