Some people love The Perfect Range, and some people do not love The Perfect Range. Fortunately, more people love it than not. What’s most interesting, however, is that the people who love it are the people that finished the book and implemented the strategy, finding it to be highly effective.

I consistently receive messages about how a poker player implemented SPATS in a cash game or tournament and tore it up. The most recent message was from someone who finished 5th of 58 in a poker tournament. That’s good, not lights out, but he told me it was the toughest tournament in his area, and his area is Houston, which is a poker mecca.

The reason some people don’t believe in SPATS is because they think it’s elementary. Therefore, they don’t bother trying to use when playing. However, they are completely missing the point of SPATS. In the book, I write about playing tight while also being unpredictable, but the biggest value to SPATS is something I didn’t want to focus on too much (for good reason). More on that below.

That biggest value is that SPATS will help you avoid going on tilt. Every poker player has potential to go on tilt, and when tilt arrives, you are doomed. Therefore, if you can avoid tilt and emotional decisions, you’re going to greatly increase your odds of long-term success. Even if you don’t avoid tilt, you will greatly reduce its ugly impact on your game when you’re using SPATS, which is the simple yet effective poker strategy found in The Perfect Range.

The reason I didn’t focus too much on tilt in The Perfect Range is because I thought poker players would say to themselves, “If this is all about tilt, why bother? I can avoid going on tilt without using a system!”

This is like a drug addict saying they can stop at any time. This is simply not true. When you implement SPATS and stick to it, there is absolutely no doubt that you will see improved long-term results. This is because you have to see better long-term results by eliminating so many -EV hands from your range. You might not win your first session, but you will win over the long haul. SPATS is for low-limit games and pretty much any tournament. It will not be as effective in high-stakes cash games because that’s mostly about applying constant pressure and deep pockets.

If there were a study done where an average poker player used SPATS and a professional poker player didn’t apply SPATS in the same game over 100 sessions, I would feel extremely confident putting my money on the average player. As the old saying goes: Don’t knock it until you try it.

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Tyler Nals

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