Yesterday’s sales were so bad that doubt crept into my mind. I asked myself if I was wasting my time writing books. I had gone from feeling great for months to feeling like a delusional loser. Sales had gone up over the past few months but then plateud. Weird things were happening, such as the audio version of Twisted Sick outselling my poker-themed books. This wasn’t necessarily something I was happy about. My Amazon Kindle sales yesterday: 0! I asked myself what happened. How could 12 books have zero sales?

Last night, I didn’t know what to do, so I started writing. I won’t reveal what I started writing, but my biggest fans should be happy about this project, and it’s not what you think. It was the only way not to feel depressed. This was in addition to not cashing in a poker tournament earlier in the day: 93rd of 260.

I woke up this morning and received a note from Amazon Kindle that there was a delay in their sales reports on the previous day. I immediately went to the Kindle Author page to check my sales and borrows. The sales were higher than normal and the borrows broke a record by far, which must have related to The Dark Side of the Felt being selected for Amazon Prime Reading. Amazon chooses 1200 of 3.5 million books for this program, which is intended to help readers find quality books without having to spend hours searching. I then went to Amazon to check the book’s ranking. It was higher than usual, but what really caught my eye was this: Best Seller.

I have no idea how I got here. My writing isn’t for everyone. However, there might be millions of people out there who would enjoy it. I don’t know that. I would just like to think it so it keeps me motivated. If you’re reading this, then you’re supporting me in some kind of way. Without reader support, I would have nothing. Thank You!

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Tyler Nals

If you love poker, then you're in the right place. My poker strategy books are written for the beginner-intermediate player, and many readers have told me that these strategies have helped them turn a profit. My books are easy to understand and written from a macro perspective on how to win as a poker player. You will also find an entertainment angle. Regardless of what level poker player you are, you might enjoy A Fishy Poker Tournament, The Dark Side of the Felt, and The Poker Office. These are poker adventure books, not poker strategy books.

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