Don’t you wish you knew when your opponent had AA? I know this might come across the wrong way, but I almost always know when my opponent has pocket Aces. It’s not difficult to figure out, especially when you have been played poker for a long time. There are two tells to look for, and they will almost never let you down.

The 4-Bet

As I recently stated on Facebook, I have folded KK pre-flop. I did this because I was 4-bet by a tight player to my left. Whether a player is tight, passive, or aggressive, a pre-flop 4-bet is almost always going to be AA. When you see it, red flags should pop up in your mind. However, this DOES NOT mean you should fold. Actually, it could present a golden opportunity.

If you already got involved, just call and see a flop. In most cases, you will not beat AA on the flop and you will fold. But over the long haul, you’re making money here because of the implied odds. If you happen to hit that flop hard, you’re stacking your opponent or doubling-up. This will be the case at least 90% of the time because most poker players are incapable of folding AA on the flop.

Silence, Please

The other way to know if someone is holding AA is if they suddenly get very still and quiet. This happens all the time. It is probably the best and easiest physical tell in the game. I can’t tell you how many times I have been involved in a casual conversation with someone at the poker table and they suddenly turned into a quiet statue. In every single one of those situations, that player woke up with AA, and sometimes KK.

Once again, I like to smooth-call here because I know what my opponent is holding, and I know that if I happen to hit the flop hard, I’m taking all of their chips. On most flops, I’m folding, but all those tiny losses are nothing compared to the massive pots I’ve scooped by seeing a flop and cracking AA.


Now you know how to spot AA: 4-bet pre-flop and the quiet statue. Pay attention next time you play. You will find these tells to be extremely accurate. You know how I like to play it, but there really is no shame in folding in these situations. That depends on your personality and style of play, which tend to go hand in hand.

Tyler Nals

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