If you enjoy reading poker books, then you’re in the right place. If you already read one of my books (or more), thank you. Without readers, I have nothing. And thanks to readers and momentum, I can continue writing. I have several upcoming projects. I won’t list them all here; only the ones I plan to write in the near future (hopefully).

The Big Shove: The primary objective is to write about playing in the Main Event, but since that’s been done already, I’m taking a different approach. The majority of the book will be about a poker player’s ups and downs and the pressure those downswings can cause on family life. However, there will also be plenty of humor, adventure, and poker!

Felt Hopper: Vegas: I will hit every poker room in Las Vegas and write about my experiences. The goal will be to turn a profit, but the juicy aspect of the story will be the off-the-felt misadventures and the people. In case you haven’t noticed, people always make the story. Felt Hopper will be a series, so you should expect to find the following books in the future: Felt Hopper: West Virginia, Felt Hopper: Atlantic City, Felt Hopper: New England, and many more.

A Fishier Poker Tournament: This will be the second installment of a trilogy. In the original, Tyler entered the Pink Pinata expecting to find a poker tournament. He found one, but it was unlike any poker tournament he had ever experienced. It included drug users, gangsters, con artists, and more. The second installment should be even fishier.

I will be writing several other books as well, but I can’t reveal the concepts behind them at this time. I wish I could, but in one case, it would potentially harm a relationship. That is a definite no-no. In the other case, I will be undercover. Aside from me, not one person on the planet knows what I will be doing, including my wife. That’s the only way I can pull it off.

As long as I can keep this momentum going, I’ll continue to write.


Tyler Nals

If you love poker, then you're in the right place. My poker strategy books are written for the beginner-intermediate player, and many readers have told me that these strategies have helped them turn a profit. My books are easy to understand and written from a macro perspective on how to win as a poker player. You will also find an entertainment angle. Regardless of what level poker player you are, you might enjoy A Fishy Poker Tournament, The Dark Side of the Felt, and The Poker Office. These are poker adventure books, not poker strategy books.

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