I’m looking for opinions on Cove Valley, but this isn’t a poker book.

Short Plot Summary

For Kerry, it’s a wild and crazy ride through a ghetto that he can’t escape. There is something sinister taking place in Cove Valley, and this goes well beyond thugs and prostitutes. At the same time, clues are being left for Kerry to help him escape Cove Valley, but he doesn’t know who is leaving those clues.

Book Reviews

When I first wrote this book, I thought it would be my big winner. I was going to be famous! But I thought about that with every book I wrote, including Wilting Steven, which is my worst book. Well, other than Rawson’s Fun House, which was so bad that I had to unpublish it. Then again, Part II and Part III are actually decent because I had honed my writing by the time I wrote those installments. The problem is that the story doesn’t make sense beginning with Part II.

We were talking about Cove Valley, weren’t we? Okay, I just lost at least five readers for going off course. What can I do? I can edit, but I’m a couple of beers in and really tired, so I’m going with what’s done is done. By the way, when I publish books these days, I never think they will be a bestseller. And now my books sell; back then they didn’t.

As far as Cove Valley reviews, they were all over the map when I first published the book. They loved it and they hated it, but they hated it more than they loved it. I attempted surgery and changed the ending, which was the main problem for the people who hated it. Now more people like the book, but since it’s several years old, not many people read it.


This is my way of saying that I’d love some more opinions (reviews) on Cove Valley. You in? The beginning is kind of lame, but that’s the only part of the story that was based on real events. Once Kerry enters Cove Valley, it’s 100% fiction. If you don’t want to read it, no worries. I’m currently working on the second installment for Dark Side: A Darker Side of the Felt. I hope to have it published by September 1, 2017.

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Tyler Nals

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